At Eclipse Roofing, we customize our roofing solutions to meet the exact needs of each individual customer. Because every structure and job is unique, we tailor every roofing job to meet each clients situation. We will help you choose a line of shingles that express color and character, while considering quality and your specific needs.

Protect your largest and most important asset.

Your roof is your most important investment on your home and often the most neglected. It safeguards your home against strong winds, extreme temperatures, precipitation, and more. We urge homeowners to be proactive and have preventative maintenance and yearly inspections done to ensure sure that there are no leaks, or deterioration on your shingles. Simple yearly maintenance can prevent future interior damage and even mold which could be costly.

Contact Eclipse Roofing we will be happy to inspect your roof and determine what steps need to be made to remedy the situation.

Ventilation is crucial to the life and effectiveness of every roofing system. It is estimated that 9 out of 10 homes do not have to proper attic ventilation. This can definitely impact the longevity of your roof. The U.S. FHA (Federal Housing Administration) recommends a minimum of at least 1 square foot of attic ventilation (both intake and exhaust) for every 300 square feet of attic space. Types of damage that can result include:

Premature again of your roofing system
Higher energy costs
Shingles losing adhesion
Damage to wood framing of home 

Having the proper Ridge vents and ventilation installed can prevent these types of problems to your roofing system. Let Eclipse Roofing inspect and determine how we can help with the proper ventilation to your property.

Sure Start Warranty

Sure Start Warranty