The Importance of Step Flashing on Sloped Applications.

In many instances us roofing companies are called out to fix a leak on a chimney or sidewall and it does not have the proper flashing. To prevent leaking years after your roofing installation the best flashing for all sloped applications is step flashing. It may not be an immediate problem but more times than not will come back to bite you. A lot of builders or installer use Continuous flashing or referred to ("J" flashing) to align chimneys, walls, or dormers. Only problem with this is the flashing does not do a good enough job diverting the water outward and more times than not it creeps under the flashing and gets into the home causing problems. Water runs downhill and the step flashing diverts the potential intruding rainwater and forces it towards each course of shingle installed with each individual piece of step flashing.