Let's face it,  the Greater Houston area is on the gulf coast and we are highly susceptible to storms that produce windy conditions, hurricanes, rain, and hail.   Some of these storms can damage your roof or property.  The first step you should take after you think your roof has sustained any type of storm damage is contact us to perform an inspection.  We offer free hail/storm damage inspections and will assess the damage and direct you in what steps to take. 


At Eclipse Roofing we are experienced in what to look for and will not waste your time.  After our inspection if we feel there is enough damage on your home we will recommend filing a homeowner's claim with your insurance company. We are very knowledgeable in the entire claims process and work in our homeowner's best interest.  From the words of one of our repeat customers , "They do a great job of working with insurance companies to make sure you get treated fairly and I would go as far to say it is their specialty."  


The entire claims process can be confusing if you have never had any prior claims opened on your home.    If a homeowner does not get a roofing professional involved in the claims process it hardly never turns out beneficial.  We personally meet the insurance company at your home work together to make sure you receive the outcome and settlement you deserve.  Our company will agree on a scope of work that is fair with the insurance company, contractor, and homeowner.  Also we will tarp the exposed area and help our homeowner's mitigate to prevent any further damage.  Its simple, don't try to navigate through the claims process alone call Eclipse Roofing to professionally interface with your insurance company and get your home quickly back to pre-loss condition.  

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